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May 18, 2013 10:00pm EDT
to challenge the federal healthcare law right hire in rich nopped. >> reporter: ken also promised to maintain virginia's conservative business climate. >> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up for freedom against union bosses? >> reporter: because there are only two gubernatorial elections this november, virginia and new jersey, expect buckets of national money to flow into the candidate's cawfers, particularly in virginia because here the race is likely to be quite competitive. c count on lots ofas from democrats. in rich richmond, john henrehan. >>> it comes 35 years after his father won the party's senate nomination. >>> the latest on the irs scandal now.anda there is growing concern after it was revealed the woman in charge the tax exempt division inside the irs of thes of conservative dwriewp groups is f the people in charge of implementing obama care. c >> reporter: democrats say there is not any evidence that sarah hall ingram new conservativeew groups were targeted by the irs. the republican say she was the head of the whole t
May 19, 2013 9:00am EDT
deserve a government they can trust, that's honest, that's impartial, equality before the law, and that's not what we're getting here. to try to suggest that this is just bureaucratic snafus, we already know that's not true. >> chris: congressman, let's turn to benghazi. you say -- you said this week -- there's no doubt that the obama administration, your words "no doubt," engaged in a cover-up of benghazi in their use of the talking points, but president obama pointed out this week that susan rice appeared on the sunday talk shows, and just three days later matt olson, head of the national counterterrorism center, told congress that it was an act of terror. take a look at what the president said. >> who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic. >> chris: congressman, does the president have a point there, a three-day cover-up? >> look, chris, what we now know from congressional testimony is that the number two man in benghazi, the deputy chief of mission informed his superiors, including the secretary of state, th
May 19, 2013 6:00pm EDT
compliance with the law. >> fox 5 gets answers for a local man who says the theater charged him unfair prices for wheelchair accessible seat. results of investigation when we return. pair air some stories we'll be looking at in the week ahead. tomorrow the many of shooting an alexandria police officer willfc go before a grand injury ru. he shot the police officer in the head back if february.ruar charges including marriage mar equality lition assault to a law enforcement officer will be defended in the circuit court. the boy continues to recover. >>> tomorrow, a preliminary hearing is held for the many of accused of shooting his step father. a form police officer back in prul. 27-year-old antawn james faces charges of first degree murder. james shot joseph newell once in the back as he was on a stepladder and several sometimes when he fell to the ground.un >>> police in prince william county will pick up on click it or ticket. the nationwide campaign is aimea at enforcing the use of a seat belt. close to 12,000 were saved last year by the utilization of af seat belt. it runs flaw june
May 19, 2013 10:00pm EDT
his police powers suspended on may 16th. due personal laws we can only state further that suspension was not related to mayor gibson dude for the sheriff office. southern maryland news reporting that gibson wrote the follow on his personal facebook penal. i am story i cannot keep up with the private mess sapbls texts phone calls ask e-mails asking me if i am doing okay. i am doing fine. >> gibson is not patrol officer. he handles administration duties skin all aspect of employment and man ance agencies's finances. at least one source familiar with what's going on says it is routine for law enforcement officer to have his police suspended if he severed with protective order. this resident who was once himself involved uncomfortable divorce after many years of marriage had this to say about gibson's situation. not only his career it is going to affect how he going raise his children. and in shut every day. his very unfair. >> well gibson was off regular two days off after his police powers were taken way he not been work we may fine out more details later in the week when he do
May 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
forward, but since florida law states that the winner must be identified.ed. the world will soon know who kn holds the ticket. of the ticket was sold at a publix supermarket at a subyou u of tampa. there was a ticket in virginia,g one in new jersey hit the megamillions on friday night.ony the two winners will split a $190 million jackpot. >>> in reference to the millions, a couple dozen people won $1 million in the powerball. >> anybody in maryland. maland >> someone in virginia. s >> inom maryland.n ma >> not in maryland. >> i don't think so. so. >> see you monday. >> time right now is 7:10. just about 7:11, a disturbingdi new study about mental healthmet and our children. chdren. why more kids than you think could be stuck ling i strugglin >>> and he is their man. man. the republican party names ken n cuccinelli as the candidate.cane the surprise pick for lieutenann governor. >>> and a sad send off, tucker's biggest star plays his final home game. ho what david beckham had to say to his fans. >> we will get the latestlate traffic and weather from julieje and tucker coming up ne
May 18, 2013 11:00pm EDT
>> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up for freedom against union bosses? >> he was unopposed for the nop nation. at 44 years old he becomes the t republican nominee in virginia since governor -- noacial governor george allen 20 yearse2 tbai go. >>> thee on dc, where anotherthr council member has officially announce he will run. ward district tommy wells gathered in northeast to lawrnlg his campaign for mayor. m >> reporter: arrive on a metro bus, council member tommy wellsw was greeted by supporters as heh stood in the rain. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: the kick-off rallye was held at ka place called the starburst where several wards w come together in northeast. n >> i'm announcing i am officially running to be mayorr of our great city, washington, d.c. applause. >> reporter: if elected he will bele the first white mayor of te district. restoring ethics is a top priority and refusing to take corporate campaign contributions. >> residents like us are concerned about the future off washington because we've had a crisis of ethics
May 19, 2013 8:00am EDT
defend the federal health care law, right here in richmond. >> he also promised to maintain virginia's conservative business climate. >> do we want a governor who undermines our right to work laws or a governor who stands up for freedom to union bosses. >> virginia and new jersey are the two gubernatorial elections this year. expect budgets of money to flow into the campaigns. >> state senator has won the republican nomination for state attorney general. now comes 35 years after his party won the party's senate nomination. >> a woman is behind bars this morning, accused of shooting her husband to death. the sheriff's office says they were called to a home in sterling on blossom drive friday evening for reports of shots fired. they found 52-year-old corporal dead. the 42-year-old woman is charged with first-degree murder. police were called to the home before for domestic violence incidents. the couple's two children are in the care of neighbors. >> there's going to be triage on the bridge. triage on the bridge. i've got about 1,000 people on this bridge at this time and mult
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7